Norwegian shares on

Any news for this week?
Olof: Today we launched trading in five Norwegian shares, StatoilHydro, Yara, REC, Seadrill and Telenor.

Were there any trades?

Olof: Trading took off almost immediately and we saw action mainly in StatoilHydro which is the most frequently traded stock in Oslo.

What are the differences and similarities compared to the launches in Sweden and Denmark?
 This third launch is a bit different since the Oslo community preferred to start with a some of the most traded shares, as opposed to Sweden and Denmark. We also see similar technical challenges with clients in the early stages of adopting new technology with Smart Order Routing, enabling them to offer clients the increased liquidity by  sourcing from multiple venues.

It has been really low trading volumes, are you worried?
 No, it has been as I anticipated before we started, even more some days. I expect trading volumes to progress in June when trading participants have had a change to fine-tune their applications and ensure that the whole STP chain works as planned!

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