Breakthrough in media reporting

Having returned from an unusually cold summer holiday in the south of France, I noticed a couple of things back at work;

– For the first time since MIFID 2007, local media have since the beginning of July been reporting regularly intra-day turnover in the market comments including the total lit trading in Swedish stocks. This means that Burgundy and other marketplaces trading Swedish stocks are counted together with the Nasdaq OMX figures. At Burgundy we have been lobbying towards the financial media segment trying to get them to report the full picture and this is a major breakthrough. Congratulations to the brave reporters at Nyhetsbyrån Direkt from the crew at Burgundy!

– The retail flow at Burgundy seems to increase and on Friday 5th was another record in terms of number of trades at Burgundy. Also the platform handled more than 7 million orders without flaws helping stressed out clients to execute trades in a very volatile environment where reliability and speed of execution is the core

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