Danish equities on board

What has happened today?
Olof: Today we started to trade five Danish listed equities; Coloplats, FL Smidth, NKT, Nordea and SAS. 

Ok, you are offering some new equities, but are there any participants active at all?
Olof: We have a primary group of trading participants who are able to trade and we have expected very limited volumes.

How were the volumes in the Danish equities today and what do you expect going forward?
Olof: The trading today was in line with the Swedish launch last week and our strategy with the soft launch. The plan for these weeks and until mid June is mainly initial testing and integration work at our participants’ end, in order to ensure that everything works as expected.

What else will happen during May?
Olof: Following the initial test period, we are offering Norweigan shares from next Friday, 22 May, and Finnish shares from 29 May and we are looking at adding more blue-chips stocks.

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