Doubled trading activity at Burgundy

How has the trading activity developed lately?

Olof: If you look at the development since December we have seen quite an increase in trading volumes and market shares. The market share in OMX S30 has gone from 1.39% the last week of December to 3.98% last week (the first week of March).

Is it a general increase or is it in some specific instruments?

Olof: The increase has especially been strong in the OMX S30 shares, especially in some of the largest ones; Ericsson B has gone from 0.85% last week of December to 3.55% first week of March. H&M from 1.1% to 5.39% and Boliden from 0.85% to 6.16% for the same period. You can see similar development in several other instruments as well.

What is the reason for the change?

Olof: Existing customers have increased their trading in general. Many of them are starting to get their technology in order which leads to increased volumes.

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