5.5 percent market share in OMX S30

It seems as you have reached a new higher trading volume level, or is it just temporary?
Olof: No, it is correct. During March we have averaged on 5.5 percent market share in OMXS30.

What are the reasons behind that?
Olof: As I have said before customers are getting the technology projects in order but also when you are starting to get volumes around 10 percent in some instruments it attracts even more volumes, since you need to go where the best price is.

Is it that easy – why did they not do it before?
Olof: The customers have had several technology projects during the last year that have taken a lot of resources in both time and money. I respect that they cannot adapt to this new trading environment over night. If you look into other countries that have started to trade multi venue it has taken even longer time to adapt to the new environment. One also has to keep in mind that they are about two years ahead in London. 

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