Preparations to get started

How are you preparing in order to get ready for trading?
Olof: Presently, we are very busy setting up the platform together with our Trading Participants, this is a challenging task as multi-venue trading is new to most Nordic firms. We are in a position to take a quantum leap and put the Nordics in the forefront of equity trading technology again. The last time was back in the late eighties when Sweden was the first stock market to abolish floor trading.

Is the trading platform ready or are you still working with it?
Olof: We finalized the testing, which has been going on for over six months, in mid-April. Now we are assisting Vendors, Independent software developers and Trading Participants to certify their applications and get them ready for trading.

Is the surveillance system in place and ready?
Olof: Yes, we have a state-of-the art platform capable of detecting abnormal or suspicious trading activity in real-time, supported by a professional staff.

What are you in person focusing on during the days before pre-launch?
Olof: Mostly supporting our competent and energetic staff, who are working flat out in order to get clients connected in time for our May pre-launch. Everybody is really enthusiastic about the service and we have a big interest from Nordic and European firms.

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